Hey peeps!

I’m changing things up for the fall.  While I still love my Wonder Woman haircut designs, I opted for something a little more “fierce.”  I believe the lion is my spirit animal for these times.  I need all of the courage and strength for what is to come (something awesome is GOING down).  I’ve been incognito and I apologize.  It has been a crazy month and a half with trying to relocate, not relocate, work the business, take a break… you know how it is… this thing called LIFE!  I just want to let you all know that I will do a better job in getting good information out to you concerning health and wellness.  Today’s message was inspired by information I read on social media.  I have seen so many “topics” out there on the world-wide web and let me tell you, it is hard to determine what is good info or hot garbage.  Our society has become reliant on quick fixes and fad diets.  How many teas will you drink to detox before incorporating whole foods into your diet?  How many diets will you try, and fail, before you realize that getting a hold on your health doesn’t involve a “diet” at all?  It is truly a lifestyle change.  Create healthy habits that will last you a lifetime (as long as you have on this planet)!  So, I challenge you this weekend to really think about your goals and make a list on how you will accomplish them.  It helps to have it in front of you.  Place your list where you can see it each day.  Your list can be as long or as short as you like.  Make sure that your list is something that you can accomplish realistically.  You’d be surprised at how simple my goal lists are.  I break everything down step by step.  I know what I am capable of doing and what may seem a little “far-fetched,” so I tend to get rid of the steps that may cause unnecessary stress.  Ok, I have to admit that IT FEELS GREAT writing to you all again.  I look forward to giving you great information to help you reach your health goals.  Until next time,

Peace, Love, & Life


Posted by:Semper Phresh

Kay Brown, has been sweating, teaching, dancing, training and motivating others in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She is an internationally-known educator in the area of weight loss, strength and conditioning, and exercise. She is the owner of Sweat N Swag Fitness, LLC. Prior to Sweat N Swag, Kay was an active duty Marine and fitness enthusiast. She has a bachelor's degree in Dance, and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. These days, she spends her time helping others become the "true version" of themselves while staying true to the mission of, "Making the world better, ONE healthy body at a time!" She loves her veggies, loves hanging out with her hubby and daughter and might have a Pinterest obsession with all things fitness, wonder woman, and vegan recipes.

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